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Baby Photos Can Capture Amazing Memories

April 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Kalamazoo Baby PhotographerKalamazoo Baby PhotographerBaby and infant photos are always so sweet and beautiful especially when the baby sleeps.

You only have a small window of time to get those baby shots when they still look newborn. That means careful preparations are even more important! It's not like you've got a million other things to think about with a baby so I'll keep it simple.

1. Feed the baby before we start. you remember that sleep nap time feeling you have on Thanksgiving afternoon? Baby will too.

2. Plan the outfits and poses. The less moving the baby around, the better.

3. Keep the room cozy warm. It will help baby sleep for his/her photos.

4. If a person is needed to help support the baby, that person should stay silent. If the baby wakes, you want the baby to look towards the camera. If momma is going to make those sweet sounds to make baby laugh or smile, she needs to be near the camera.

5. Call me! I'll help you.

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