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Engagement and Weddings - A Plan for Great Photos

March 06, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Engagement photosSundown engagement photos on the farmWith the sun going down we only had a few minutes to capture this beautiful look. We knew what we were going for because we had planned.

As spring approaches love is in the air! Couples are really starting to look for just the right person for their engagement photos and wedding or bridal photographers. Of course everybody can search the web for photographers in your area. But that doesn't always ensure once you've picked your photographers that you will get great images. It's more than the person clicking the button on the camera. It's also the couple work with the photographer that make them great. It's all about relationships and preparations.

Relationships with the photographer? Sure. Get to know each other. Why? Because it will help the photographer understand your personality and tastes. That doesn't mean you have to become best friends. It does require some time however. It's not hard though! Here it Inspired Media I am excited when I get to talk to a couple with on the phone, in person, or even Skype or Facetime. Each contact helps me know them a little better.

Preparations? Sure! You've spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on planning the decorations, the food, the DJ, and so much more. Put the same effort into planning your photos. Create a list of family shots and then stick to it. Give that list to the wedding planner or someone in the bridal party and ask them to prepare the next group of people while pictures are being done of the previous group. Your family and friends will thank you! Think about specific poses and locations with the photographer ahead of time as well. Great images need planning. If you've got the perfect spot for a sundown moody picture, your window of opportunity for that shot is small. Stick to your schedule!

Most of, have fun! If you get stressed it will show in your pictures. But remember, things change. Weather, traffic, sickness, and who knows what else can always force a last minute change. Go with it and make it the best you can!

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