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Importance of Preparation

June 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

IMG_8352-EditIMG_8352-EditEven a freight elevator hallway can be beautiful. It's all in your perspective! As a photographer I understand the stresses involved in putting together a great wedding day. There is so much to think about and to take care of. Getting great wedding photographs is just one of those things. So what can you do to help make sure the wedding photography goes smooth and you get great pictures? Prepare.

A checklist of wanted shots is a must! I'm not talking about the standard ceremony shots all photographers will get. I'm talking about the specific family shots, and any creative ideas you may have. Then make sure to share that list prior to the wedding day with your photographer. If possible, do a walk through of the wedding venue and reception with your photographer. Why? Because a professional photographer can help you see things from the wedding photography perspective. Sometimes the most unexpected places can be beautiful! The photo here is a great example.

I took this photo in the most unlikely location of a beautiful theater in South Bend, IN. This venue is known for it's beautiful ballroom, elaborate architecture, a beautiful drapery. As I entered the venue for the first time I entered into this hallway. Right away my mind was drawn to the possibility of a beautiful portrait right there in that dirty and small freight elevator hallway. The venue manager thought I was crazy for thinking it could be a beautiful location. She was wrong! It's all in how you look at the possibilities.

That's why I always like to plan ahead with each of my couples as much as possible. Together we can explore and plan some great ideas!

Please allow me that chance to help you get some amazing images at your wedding. I have photographry and print packages at several different price points to help you plan and budget for your day. Call me at 269-220-0595 for more information and available dates.



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