Choose Your Senior Pics Photographer Carefully!

April 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

In this day and age it seems like everybody either has access to a nice camera or knows someone who does. Does it make sense to ask them to be your photographer when it comes time to do your senior pics? NO!!

Just because I may own a race car, that doesn't make me a race car driver! Photography is the same. It's more than pointing the camera and pressing the button. It's about knowing about color temperature, F-Stops, shutter speed, key lighting, back lighting, and more. Once that image is captured and put into your computer its more then uploading it to the corner drugstore that prints photos. It's about color correction, blemish removal, dodging and burning exposure levels, criopping for print, exporting in the correct format and resolution... You've got the idea.

Here's a great example. I was in St Louis recently and wanted to shoot some senior pics with my son inside a beautiful train station there. The overhead lighting was a terrible mix of fluorescent lights, traditional bulbs, sunlight, and L.E.D. advertising. You can see in the first picture here how the camera saw the mix of all those lights. UGLY!!!


Your friend with the nice camera means well but do they really know what to do once the image has been captured? It takes someone who understand how to fix the problems shown here. Everything looks green, not exposed properly in regards to contrast, overall color toning and texture. A person with the correct knowledge and tools can create something beautiful even in the worst of lighting situations like this one. Here's proof!

before-after-0001before-after-0001Senior pic Portage Northern High School

So, what's the takeaway from all of this? Great images require more than an expensive camera. Great senior portraits require someone with knowledge and the correct tools with the experience to use those tools effectively. I can provide that for you!

I am booking senior pics now for the class of 2019. You'll want to schedule soon because as it turns from spring into summer my senior schedule will fill quickly. Call me at 269-220-0595


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