Spring Engagement Photo Sessions are Almost Here!

January 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

IMG_5068IMG_5068 It may be cold and snowy outside right now but in just a few short months the flowers will begin to grow and couples will outdoors for beautiful engagement photos. How should you prepare?

First, consider your personal style. Do you want romantic, fun and casual, artistic, even urban or retro. Once you've picked a style you're on your way to having a better idea for outfits. You probably don't need outfit changes. It's about the mood we create with poses, background, and lighting.

Next think about when and where. Unless you're looking for bright. daytime shots consider early morning or evening. Why? Because the sunlight is much more friendly to cameras then. It's called "The golden hour" in photography lingo! The first 90 minutes and last 90 minutes of sunlight are perfect for amazing engagement, couples, or bridal portraits. As for location, be creative. You know that park you've seen hundreds of couples doing photos at? Pick a different one! Think outside the box. for example, my favorite wedding photo I've ever taken was actually in a grungy freight elevator hallway. with creative lighting it looks stunning!

IMG_8352-EditIMG_8352-Edit Last, plan ahead. Talk to me about helping you with ideas. I love being creative and would be more than happy to help you plan!


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